About Us

We conceived the Be Brave lingerie brand in the autumn of 2022, and now, in 2023, we are ready to present our first collections. We are Yaroslav and Valeria, the founders of the brand, and we proudly embody our passion for fashion and beauty in every garment.

Our goal is to create lingerie that not only enhances your beauty but also allows you to feel bold and confident. We pay special attention to quality and use only the finest European fabrics and hardware to ensure comfort and durability in our lingerie.

We collaborate with a factory that has extensive experience in lingerie production and has been operating since 1994. We take pride in the fact that our lingerie is created in this factory, where every detail undergoes rigorous quality control.

We believe that lingerie is not just a wardrobe item but also a means of self-expression and confidence. We want to inspire women to be brave and unafraid to be themselves. We invite you to choose yourself every day and enjoy every moment of your life. With Be Brave, you can feel confident and beautiful in any situation.

Join us and discover a world of stylish and high-quality lingerie. Be brave, be yourself - Be Brave.