We created our lingerie for you with love and attention to detail. And we really want our items to stay in perfect condition for as long as possible. Therefore, we have prepared recommendations on how to properly care for your lingerie. We recommend following them and our lingerie will gratify you for a long time.


Discovering how to wash bras properly is essential for maintaining the elegance and perfect fit of our collections, which feature high-quality delicate fabrics.

  • Before washing your lingerie, study the care recommendations found on the care label located on the inside of each garment;
  • Before starting the wash, separate colored and white laundry. These items should be washed separately;
  • Use gentle detergents, such as liquid laundry powders, to wash your lingerie;
  • It is highly recommended to hand wash your lingerie to avoid distortion;
  • Make sure the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius;
  • After washing, do not wring out the lingerie, gently squeeze out the water to prevent any creases and distortion of the fabrics;
  • Lay it flat on a flat surface and let it air dry naturally.


  Proper storage is also essential for prolonging the life of your bras and keeping them in good shape.

  • We recommend storing bras in a spread-out position, cup to cup, to preserve their form. This will help avoid misshaping;
  • Arrange your bras neatly in a drawer, leaving space between them to preserve their form and minimize the risk of snagging hooks or bending wires.
  • Fold panties neatly;
  • It's convenient to store lingerie in special organizers;
  • For convenience, we recommend sorting lingerie by color, style, and frequency of use.